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<strong>Contour Cut Camera Design</strong>

The real metal finish on the main camera adds unity to the design and accentuates the luxury of the haze texture. It’s an iconic new camera design made to turn heads.

<strong>Space Zoom </strong>

With Hybrid Optic Zoom and enhanced Super Resolution you can zoom up to 30X2 with clarity and precision.3 And the new Zoom Lock helps stabilize your shots.

<strong>The fastest chip ever in Galaxy</strong>

Witness the fastest chip ever in a Galaxy. With a 5nm processor on board, you get seamless multitasking and hyper-fast content streaming.

<strong>Super Smooth 120Hz</strong>

The 120Hz refresh rate allows for the smoothest scrolling screen to keep up with all your feeds. It even has built-in intelligence to optimize your viewing based on your content.

<strong>High Resolution</strong>

Get amazingly clear, high-quality photos with the large 64MP sensor. Even in dark situations, it takes in plenty of light to get the rich image quality. It’s all in the details. Galaxy S21 5G operates in conjunction with a Sony image sensor.



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